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intensive strategies
intensive strategies

In a free economy, anyone can enter any business with a promising idea and product. If a new company offers a better product at an affordable price, then the new player can quickly become the new leader of the industry. The leader always has the most extensive customer base, have more sales and revenue. For instance, Apple Inc. applies this intensive growth technique by authorizing new sellers in markets where the company does not have any presence yet.

  • Such firms become insolvent unless appropriate internal and external actions are taken to change the financial picture of the firm process of recovery is called “turnoaround strategy”.
  • You need to know the specific challenges faced by the people who make up your target market to build a solution that will resonate with them.
  • Thus, the next version of the product will be more relevant, and in this way, you can maintain your market share.

In parity strategy, you analyze, evaluate, and focus on your competitor’s advantage. There is a proverb “Change is the only constant.” So, customer expectations are also changing at a rapid pace. That is why this marketing is essential for companies because they want to remain relevant by fulfilling their customer’s needs.


Companies pursuing offensive strategies directly target competitors from which they want to capture market share. In contrast, defensive strategies are used to discourage or turn back an offensive strategy on the part of the competitor. Hence, a business ought to give particular consideration to conducts it, since this strategy is necessary for the evaluation work on the supposed market and the present companies inside this market. The quantity of danger concerned with each of the four kinds of Ansoff’s strategies will increase from market penetration to market improvement, to manufacturing improvement, to diversification.

What are the two types of intensive strategies?

  • Market Penetration.
  • Market Development.
  • Product Development.

This marketing is one of the best protective strategy market leaders use to maintain their position as market leaders. Finally, it can be said that defensive marketing is a type of marketing to protect existing market share. However, anyone can employ defensive marketing to save guard their market share. Because of today’s startup ecosystem, not only leaders but everyone’s market share is at risk. Greenmail is where the target company agrees to buy back its shares from the prospective attacker at a higher price to prevent hostile takeover. Instead of receiving a premium, the attacker will agree to stop hostility attempts.

Market development strategy tries to achieve growth by introducing existing products in new markets. Companies that use the tender offer approach must adhere to the rules outlined in the Williams Act. The legislation, which was enacted in 1968, requires the acquiring company to reveal the terms and intent of its bid, as well as the source of funds and proposed plans if the acquisition is effective. It also provides enough time for both the prospective buyer and the target company to present their cases, as well as deadlines for shareholders to make their decisions. Before implementing a defensive marketing strategy, you must figure out your best form of defense.

While this was far from the $170 per share the company traded a year earlier, the offer rose from the $2 per share JPMorgan Chase originally offered to shareholders. Activist Carl Icahn is best known for his use of greenmail to force companies to repurchase their shares from him or risk their chances of a hostile takeover. In the 1980s, Icahn used the greenmail strategy when he threatened to control Marshall Field, Phillips Petroleum, and Saxon Industries.

Company executives may acquire another company with a combination of stock, credit, or stock swaps. This would make corporate invaders’ attempts to a takeover more expensive by reducing the percentage of their ownership. Another benefit for shareholders is that if the management of the company works diligently in selecting the right company for them, the shareholders will benefit from long-term partnerships and earnings.

Studying the presence of existing schools, public toilets and hospitals

Shareholders may end up paying for this expensive strategy with lower share prices or lower dividend payments. While the poison pill prevented Papa John’s hostile takeover, its positive shareholder results were short-lived. The peak of stocks declined sharply after the threat of a cashback, declined by more than 25% within a few weeks.

Leaders employ different types of marketing depending upon the competitor’s attack. Through its various product models of client electronics and different items and companies, the corporate fulfills this strategic requirement. After getting your initiatives up and running and trying out a few different approaches, it’s time to start paying attention to the data and figuring out what’s effective with this method. As your business grows, it’s wise to emphasize revenue-generating strategies that have already proven successful. Before implementing any digital strategies, you should focus on expanding your reach, refining your value proposition, and upgrading your technology. ASRLMS will focus in all districts and block where intensive strategy under NRLM has been rolling out for more than two years.

intensive strategies

Employees are more likely to vote for management rather than a hostile buyer, according to the theory. The first section deals with the beginning of talks between the two firms (the pre-transaction process). The transaction’s execution and the start of the implementation are the second sections (the post-transaction process).

Business Growth Strategy Module

This consists of developing new products for current markets, subsequently. In 2008, international investment bank Bear Stearns demanded a white knight after suffering catastrophic losses during a global credit crisis. Investment in the company’s stock market had dropped by 92%, making it a victim of a hostile takeover and at risk of a collapse. White knight JPMorgan Chase & Co agreed to buy Bear Stearns for $10 per share.

What are intensive growth strategies?

Intensive Growth Strategy

Intensive growth is the growth strategy that is related to the products and markets. The intensive growth strategy focused on increasing sales in various ways to increase the company's revenue. Market penetration focused on selling more existing products to existing markets.

This makes the acquisition more expensive for the acquirer and may interfere with the full acquisition. At the very least, it gives the company’s board of directors time to evaluate other offers. The generic aggressive strategy of differentiation helps the corporate enter new markets, based mostly on product attractiveness.

Shareholder rights program is a form of “poison pill” strategy because it makes the identified company harder to swallow. The firm stays with the same business or product markets and functions as at present, maintaining more or less the same level of effort as at present. Additional advantages of purchasing a company include increased sales, increased performance, and reduced competition. When acquired businesses continue to operate, the combined sales result in higher net earnings results for both the acquirer and the acquired. Thats is why remaining at the top of an industry is getting increasingly harder for leaders of the industry. Not only leaders, but every companies market can also be captured by a new player.

When implementing change corporations should be careful not to compromise their existing revenue or customers. In your marketing research, you may have concluded that there are countless avenues to pursue. It’s easy to take on too much at once because of the temptation to dive in headfirst and build a complex machine in the hopes of covering all your bases. What part of your marketing strategy is the most prominent blind spot preventing you from expanding? Identify the essential factors and base your performance goals and strategy around them. As you make more headway toward that one objective, you’ll be able to increase your efforts or shift your focus to a different set of activities.

Importance of Training and Development with special reference to ADDIE Model

Macroeconomic conditions may have an effect regardless of the specific situation. Market leaders always have extra money to spend on their marketing campaigns. You should regularly evaluate your product to figure out any scope of improvement. As customers taste always evolves, you have to make changes in your product. It is a type of defensive strategy in which you focused mainly on your strength.

intensive strategies

On the other hand, Igor Ansoff’s Matrix of development strategies presents methods for the technology enterprise to intensively grow in present or new markets and industries. In this intensive growth strategy, the corporate grows as a result of new products enable the business to generate extra revenues, corresponding to via the sale of recent iPhone models. The company’s generic technique agrees with this intensive progress strategy by focusing intensive strategies on technological innovation to increase competitive advantage and income. The diversification technique is with most danger because the business is growing into both a brand new market and product, and thus contains with most uncertainties. This strategy facilitates the corporate’s growth by focusing on new markets or market segments. For example, Nike enters new markets in Africa and the Middle East to increase its shoe gross sales revenues.

A strategic financial goal beneath this intensive progress strategy is to increase Nike’s profitability by entering new markets in Africa and the Middle East. Starbucks Coffee’s intensive progress strategies are aligned to the firm’s generic strategy. Because it stands out based on differentiation, Starbucks can penetrate markets and compete with other firms in these markets. The broad differentiation generic strategy has significant implications on Apple’s strategic objectives. For example, to apply this technique, the company should proceed emphasizing innovation through research and development.

What is an intensive strategy?

intensive strategies consist of market penetration, market development, and product. development. It is so-called because it takes intensive efforts to improve the competitive. positioning of a company's existing products [10].

Organizations need to adopt competitive strategies for their existence and for maintaining their position in market. When it comes to adopting a competitive strategy, organizations need to consider what factors separate them from their competitors. These intensive progress methods agree with and support Apple’s generic technique. However, to improve efficiency, Apple needs to emphasize more on market penetration and market improvement.

Apple should hold creating innovative products in order that the business maintains its aggressive advantage. Thus, continuous innovation is certainly one of Apple’s strategic objectives based mostly on the broad differentiation generic aggressive strategy. In addition, to keep up business growth, the corporate must continue to grow its market reach, such as within the global shopper electronics market. The target company’s shareholders may receive a premium over the current stock price.

What are the 3 intensive strategies?

Market penetration, market development, and product development are sometimes referred to as intensive strategies because they require intensive efforts if a firm's competitive position with existing products is to improve.

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